Aran July 2009

24th June ’09 dawned bright and sunny with clear blue skies. It looked like the perfect day for our day trip to Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Isalands.
An impressive 63 members of the Ballinasloe Active Retirement Association had booked for this trip which was, for a large number of them, their first visit to Aran.
Armed with sun hats, sun lotion and bottled water, all boarded the 9 o’c train to Galway. With an air of relaxation and in cheerful mood we were whisked off on a double-decker bus through the lovely Connemara countryside to Ros-A-Mhil. Here we joined the large crowd waiting for the Island ferries to take us to our destination
All aboard, we set sail over the calm, blue waters of Galway Bay. A most enjoyable hour later,we sat down with healthy appetites to a lovely meal in the “Bayview Restuarant”
We then had a few hours to explore this beautiful island which is famous for it’s unique way of life. Age old traditions co-exist comfortably with modern living. Some of our members availed of the waiting tour buses to take them on a tour of the island and more went for long walks. The more energetic people hired bicycles and visited Dun Aonghas, one of most dramatic stone forts in Western Europe. The trips on the horse and trap brought back many happy memories of bye gone days. There were a few who were happy to sit , chat, relax and soak up the wonderful peace and beauty of Aran.
It was with reluctance we joined the homeward – bound travellers in the evening. Suntanned, happy and relaxed we enjoyed another lovely sea journey back to Ros-A- Mhil.
We arrived home safely in Ballinasloe feeling grateful for what one can only describe as “A Perfect Day”.
Chris O’Flynn

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