Loughrea Play

I do not like thee Dr. Fell by Bernard Farrell

We attended a play in The Temperance Hall, Loughrea. It was a bitterly cold evening but we really enjoyed the play. It was produced by our very own John Boland, a most accomplished actor.
The play is a comedy, a strange kind of comedy with moments of sadness and mystery but still very funny. The story is built around a group therapy session. Suzy, an American, is group co-ordinator. Her remedy for everything is “relax, relate and communicate”. Roger is an intellectual who is obsessed with group therapy sessions. Peter, a builder and his wife Maureen , are having marriage problems or as Peter would say, “Maureen is highly strung”! Rita is a widow. She speaks of her late husband, who she still loves, and of her 12 cats named after the Twelve Apostles!!
Finally we have Joe, the Dr. Fell, who is the mysterious one and by his deceptions has a huge effect on the other participants and then there’s Paddy, the group attendant who regards them all as “weirdos”.
The cast was wonderful and the night’s performance was well-received by a large audience.
Bridie Loughman

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