Concert 2012

B.A.R.A. Singers Unite Western Region of Active Retirement
With a large region and several small groups in a diverse areas, some ideas were sought to get the 79 local groups to join together for social activities, outings etc.
With this in mind Marie Power of the Ballinasloe Active Retirement Singers ( B.A,R.A. Singers ) came up with the idea of a regional choir to perform as part of the Bealtaine Festival.
  After introducing the idea she got names from those interested from the different A.R.A,s in the region
          A list of songs and tapes was sent out so that each group or individual could rehearse the programme.
        A full rehearsal was held on the morning of the show, and on Sunday 20th May at 3;30 the choir performed in front of a large audience in the Town Hall Theatre. Ballinasloe. Photos powerpix media . ( )

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