Knitters Group 2017 with Chernobyl Chlidren

Our Knitting Circle

The Active Retirement Knitting Circle was founded by Margaret McDonnell. Margaret’s vision, enthusiasm and caring disposition has inspired the rest of the group to take up the challenge and knit for people in need. So knitting for an orphanage in Belarus seemed like the perfect choice.

We have knitted many blankets, hats, scarves and soft toys over the years for this very worthy and needy orphanage. Pat Dillon from outside Ballinasloe is the wonderful person who organises the holidays for the orphans and arranges for them to stay with host families. It’s always a great privilege to have the orphans visit us, together with their carer and translator.

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary on July 10th with a visit this year once again from our Belarus friends. The children enjoyed the party and Margaret presented their translator with our knitted items.

The knitting circle meets every Monday morning from 10.30 to 12 noon in Gullane's Hotel. Tomás Gullane has been a tremendous help during the last 10 years. We chat and knit and drink coffee. We continue knitting at home during the long winter nights and get our friends involved too. We realise the personal value of this pastime also. It is a very relaxing time. We make good friends and become good listeners.

All are welcome in the Knitting Circle.

Bridie Loughman

Photos  from Jackie of     J & J  Photography       Society  Street.
Report from Chris O'Flynn  P.R.O.

Our B.A.R.A. Knitting Group

If you strolled into the Library in Gullane’s Hotel any Monday morning at 10.30, you would be surprised to see 20 or so ladies busily knitting away surrounded by bags of fabulous multi-coloured balls of wool. Above the clicking of knitting needles there is a great sense of camaraderie while the group chat ,laugh, compare knitting patterns, and enjoy a tea break.

This group of dedicated women get together for a deserving cause. The fruits of their endeavours can be seen in the beautiful display of blankets, hats, scarves and soft toys which are presented annually to an orphanage in Belarus. Pat Dillon from Aughrim, who organises holidays in Ireland for the orphans and arranges for them to stay with their hosts, recently visited the knitters in Gullane’s Hotel . The children were thrilled to receive bags of the most beautiful knitted garments and happily posed for photos.

Retirement for many, especially for those who live alone, can create a huge void in one’s life. This knitting group is an example of one way this void can be filled. You can renew old skills, acquire new skills, cultivate social contacts, make new friends and enjoy life.

Thanks to Margaret McDonnell who founded the group with the aim of “getting people out of the house” Well done Margaret.!

The group meets every Monday morning 10.30 – 12 noon in Gullane’s Hotel. Take down those knitting needles and join the group. If interested,contact Bridie Loughman Ph.085 8887038

By Chris O’Flynn    P.R.O.   July 2017

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