Bowls Club Winners

Members of the Ballinasloe Active Retirement Bowls Club were the proud
winners of the All Ireland Active Retirement competition held recently in the
Gleneagle Hotel,Killarney. They were presented with the much sought-after
Billy Pope Cup.
Billy Pope was a great instigator for exercise for the elderly and donated the
Cup for Active Retirement members about 20 years ago. He passed away about
2 years ago.
New members are always welcome to this thriving club. They meet every
Monday mornings 10.30 -12 in the Emerald Ballroom and Thursday evenings 9-
New members have 3 free sessions. Afterwards (if it is to your liking) ,it will cost
3 euro. per session. Annual sub.is 10 euros
Contact Ita Rigney (Treasurer) at 087 6929565 or come along to any of the
Chris O’Flynn (P.R.O)
5 th April 2023

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