It was with great sadness we said good-bye to Betty Ring, who passed away
recently. Betty was our first treasurer in the Active Retirement Association and
with her past business experience, she did a wonderful job.
Small of stature but with a big heart, she remained a faithful member of the
group right up to the time of her death at the ripe old age of 98.
Having travelled quite a bit in her young life, she was first to sign on for all the
trips both at home and abroad. She was a great historian, had a wonderful
memory and was an interesting conversationist .
A great golfer and tennis player in her youth, she remained active and
continued to swim and play table tennis
Betty remained the last surviving member of her family. She lived alone but
was loved by everyone.
May she rest in peace.

Chris O’Flynn (P.R.O) 9 th October 2023  

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