Walkers Celebrate 10 Years ON THE GO

Live of great men ( and women ) all remind us,
We can make our lives sublime,
And departing leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time.

For members of Ballinasloe Active Retirement walking group, footprints left
ten years were
revisited at Padraig Pearses Club at Woodmount today.
As near to the 8th May as makes no difference, on this day in 2010, James
Lyons organised,
briefed, and encouraged a group of like-minded individuals who appreciated
that walking can be the most beneficial , and cost effective method of
staying fit and healthy. By combining outdoor activities with indoor floor
exercises, and wedding both to tea/coffee/biscuits and chat, the organizers
had hit on a winning formula for healthy , fit , and above all happy lives.
On Tuesday 8th May 2018, BARA retraced their steps. This trip down memory
lane revived many
many happy memories. Photographs and anecdotes were shared, There was also
sad reflection
on those members with us .
BARA has now moved to St. Grellans G AA Centre in Ballinasloe and to the
new all-weather
athletic track nearby. As with Padraig Pearses, we have been warmly
welcomed by St. Grellans.
We can only appreciate the tremendous voluntary work of both clubs and wish
them continued success in the future.
To the 32 members of BARA walkers who turned up today a very sincere thank
you. A very special thank you to the ladies who prepared the beautiful food
which we enjoyed afterward.
A sincere thank you to James Lyons for his well chosen words in memory of
the occasion.

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