Walkers Boat trip on the CORRIB

Our Boat trip on the Corrib

There was a great flurry of excitement amongst the members of the walking club when our good Treasurer announced she had arranged a free days outing for us on Tues.29th May. ’18 .

Once again the weather man was very kind to us.. It was a lovely warm sunny day so we donned the sun hats , sun glasses and rubbed on lashing of sun lotion to protect our pale skins .

We were like little excited children as 30 of us boarded our bus in the Square. First stop was Salthill where we spent two hours walking the prom, enjoying lunch or doing as we please while soaking up the lovely sunshine.

It was back on the bus then again and headed for Woodquay where the “Corrib Princess” was waiting for us. It was a wonderful, enjoyable relaxing trip under clear blue skies. As we cruised along this magnificent lake, taking in the history , scenery and wild life, the day could not have been more perfect.

We finished off the day with a very welcome dinner in the Meadow Court Hotel in Loughrea and arrived home safely, sun-tanned , tired but happy.

Thank you to Noelle for a day to remember.

Chris O’Flynn (P.R.O ) June 2018



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