Sports Ability Day 9th. June 2019

Sports Ability Day, 9th June 2019

There was a big turnout of our members – particularly our walking club members – at the Sports Ability Day held in the Emerald Ballroom on June 9th.

The event was an opportunity for all to see what inclusive sporting avenues are available in our community. It was also an opportunity to see some of the amazing talents of the many athletes participating in activities from wheelchair basketball to hand cycling

I think it came as a surprise to some of our spectators to see how fit and active our group were as we went through our keep-fit exercises. It was encouraging to see so many of the other participants joining in on the action..

We had great fun on the day and we were very proud to be able to demonstrate how important our weekly walk and exercise routine lends itself to a healthy and active lifestyle.

We would welcome any new members who would like to join us every Tuesday morning on the Athletic track at 10.30 ,and afterwards for the very important cuppa and chat in the G.A.A .clubhouse.

 Chris 0'Flynn   P.R.O.                                                                                                                                                                     

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