Setting Up a Family Photo Album 'Online'

Thanks to our computer & Internet Awareness course, quite a few members now have their own websites and online photo galleries.
To view some of these sites and to learn how you too can set up your own version, go to Chris O' Flynn's website kmk

Life on the Ocean Wave


In 2006, the Association organised a week-long cruise on a luxury liner along the coasts of Greece and Italy. The weather was glorious, the food sublime and the sights breathtaking!

Interestingly enough, we sourced and booked this holiday through the Internet!

'Fadó Fadó- Stories of Days Gone

The Association is now embarking on a major project in collaboration with Brendan Smith from the DERI Instiute at Galway University to create an Online archive of video and audio recordings of local people as they reminisce on their childhood memories of Ballinasloe in former times.
Thanks to this project, our members will become members of the 'iPod Generation' as they will soon be walking around the town listening to these recordings on their personal iPod or MP3 Players!
For further information go to...............

Silver Surfers in Ballinasloe!

Our Association recently completed a computer and internet awareness course with Brendan Smith of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) of Galway University. The venue was the brilliant IT facility in the Community Centre in what was the old Emerald Ballroon.
Brendan gave us a hands-on approach to the new technology and showed us how it do so much to empower older people. Many of the new services available on the World Wide Web are easy to use, are highly beneficial and are free!
Participants not only learnt about the advantages of using email (electronic mail) but can now tour the world from the comfort of their desk via 'Google Earth', set up their own colurful websites and online photo galleries. Furthermore, members such as Evelyn Flanagan now communicate on a regular basis with their family members living abroad. "Silver Surfers!
“Until I went on the DERI course organised for members of the Ballinasloe Active Retirement Association, I only had a vague idea of what exactly the Internet was. Now I have my very own personal Blog and am in regular visual communication via Skype with my daughter and family in Boston. The ironic thing is that it was me that introduced her to this marvellous facility and got her to buy a web-cam and download Skype! Through similar situations, the course has dramatically changed the lives of other participants as well. Though many members of the association grew up in homes that had no electricity, we can now say that we are all proud members of the ‘Silver Surfer’ club!”