The Algarve

41 members of the Ballinasloe Active Retirement had a wonderful holiday in the Algarve from the 9th to the 19th September 2007. We stayed in the luxurious Villamoura Hotel which was located practically on the beachfront. The weather, the food, the entertainment and the "craic" were second to none. There was something different for everyone. Some went on day trips to the nearest towns, while the "markets" for the bargain hunters were ever popular. 5 members did the praying for the rest of us in Fatima where they stayed overnight. It was a wonderful opportunity to visit this famous shrine and were full of the joys of life on their return.
It was difficult to leave the lovely sunshine and return to the rain and cold at Dublin Airport.
However,we are now bronzed and rested, and ready to face the winter again. We are looking forward to our next break which will be next May - our Cruise on the Med.
Chris O'Flynn


For people like me who grew up in the 30's which was the era of the parriffin oil lamp to have to leap forward to the twentyfirst century where the the world wide web and the internet have taken over is like moving into a different planet.

To help cope with this enormous challenge we have been greatly assisted by Brendan Smith who has taken a group of elderly retired persons who were totally computer illiterate a little over a year ago and taken us to the stage that we now can book flights on the internet,get in touch with relatives overseas(some of us)and search for all sorts of stuff on the world wide web

it has been a wonderful experience