Reflections while Cocooning

The present pandemic which has put the whole world in lockdown and all the over 70’s cocooning, made me realise how important my membership of the Active Retirement association is to me. I feel isolated. I miss my family, friends, Grandchildren and my contact with the outside world. I miss my activities, fun and the comraderie of my colleagues in the Active Retirement group.
All our activities and our carefully planned holidays, outings, concerts, plays, indoor and outdoor sports and community work are put on hold. We wait with bated breath and hope and pray the dreaded virus doesn’t darken our door. We fear for our families and friends and all the people bravely working away in the front line. From the safety of our homes we struggle with the fact we cannot invite in or go near the good people who do our shopping and look after our wellbeing, but we do appreciate and thank them. We know it is for our own safety.
While the world is still we have plenty of time to reflect and be grateful for the full and active life we have enjoyed for the past 18 years as members of our Active Retirement. The digital skills and computer courses which we attended enable us now to keep in touch with our friends and the outside world. Communication has never been as necessary as now during this dreadful pandemic. With letter writing a thing of the past and the closing of the local Post office, the small town Banking facilities, the corner grocery stores, not to mention the demise of the local pub. The personal touch and the friendly chat over the garden wall has long gone. The sound of the human voice has been drowned by texting, e-mailing, zooming etc. Hence the importance of the A.R.A in the life of the older person. It provides a place to enjoy a friendly cuppa and chat and to share anxieties with new found friends.
We look forward to the day when this is all over – and hopefully we come through it safely and well – when we can return to our normal daily activities.
We would welcome any new people who may feel lonely or isolated to come and join us any Wednesday in the Library (our temporary home) at 3 pm. All interests are catered for in the various clubs including arts and crafts, walking, singing, book club, bridge and bowls.
Remember that retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of an open highway
Stay safe.
Enquiries to Margaret Brennan , Phone: 0877731707 or Chris O’Flynn (Ph.087 6492466
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Chris O’Flynn (P.R.O)
10th May 2020