Saint Patrick's Day Parade 2018

The weather forecast during the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day 2018 was not good.

The weather man talked of heavy snow, chilly east wind and freezing temperatures.

The so-called “son of the beast from the east” was coming our way.

We naturally wondered ifanyone would show up for our parade.

This year’s theme was “Young at heart . In our attempts to dress as teenagers we donned

our wooly hats, scarves and warm jackets. We put our rucksacks on our backs, and complete

with ear phones and smart phones (in typical teenager style) and all our colourful tricolour

gear , 30 brave warriors set off to join the parade.

I must say “good thinking” to the lady who carried her hot water bottle and well done to

Catherine who came along on her bike and had all her slogans written in our native


We were frozen to the bone but we felt it was all worth while as we won 3 rd prize in our

category and gratefully received €100 cheque.

We quickly thawed out in Gullane’s Hotel afterwards with very welcome hot soup, rolls, tea

and coffee.

There was an exciting finish to the day as we watched our Irish Rugby Team beat England in

the grand Slam.

Thanks to all our members who brave the elements and come out year after year to do their

bit for the community and our Active Retirement group.

Chris O’Flynn (P.R.O) March 2018



St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2018




             Chairwoman         Margaret    Brennan

                 Chair  with  Sec.   Ann  Duffy  and  Tres.  Mary  Slattery


                            Laura Naughton        Douglas  Rafter

      Phil  Kelly   Maura Rafter   Deirdre Hogan  Bridie  Whelan