Dali Museum---- Figueres North/east Spain

Twelve of our group travelled to Figueres on the bus to visit the Dali Museum. The town of Figueres is the Centre of Culture in that part of the Catalonian region close to the foothills of th Pyrenees. Dali became famous when three of his paintings were shown in Pittsburg in 1928 one of which was the Basket of Bread. Later on he became a surrealist artist who produced new sensations in the mind of the viewer by placing contradictory images next to each other in his paintings. In 1940 he did paintings based on science and religion. He worked in all media leaving behind a wealth of oils, drawings, graphics, photographs, jewels and objects of all descriptions .We spent two hours in the Museum and only managed to see half of his work. Afterwards we sat at a table in a leafy square nearby where we had our lunch and fed the pigeons. We got back to our hotel on time to get ready for dinner at 7:30 p.m. It was a most enjoyable experience to have visited the Museum which Dali himself opened in 1974 in Figueres, Spain. Anne Killeen

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