''The Miser'' Roscommon Arts Centre

“The Miser” at Roscommon Arts Centre
The Lyric Theatre from Belfast presented its adaptation of the play The Miser by Moliere in the Roscommon Arts Centre on June 25th 2010. It is on a nationwide tour. So we, members of BARA, went along to see it.
Having had a delicious meal in the Abbey Hotel, we arrived at the Arts Centre for 8pm and had a delightful evening. The actors and actresses were superb and as for Andy Gray, the Scottish actor doing the Miser, he was just the best I have ever seen. It was such a pleasure to see him act out his part and even involve the audience as well. The costumes were beautifully designed and appropriate to 17th century France.
The miser is a rich moneylender called Harpingon, from whom his children long to escape. Harpingon has decided that his children are costing him too much money and must be married off. He has found an old man, who won’t demand a dowry, for his daughter Elise and a rich widow for his son Cléante. Unfortunately, Elise is already in love with Harpingon’s servant and his son is in love with the penniless Mariane, whom Harpingon has decided to take on as his own wife. He is convinced that his children are plotting to rob him. Then he finds to his horror that the fortune he buried in his garden has been stolen and that’s when the real fun starts......!
We all really enjoyed this comedy and would highly recommend it.

Bridie Loughman

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