Bookworms At The Abbey


B.A.R.A latest theatrical event was the Bernard Farrell play Bookworms at the Abbey Theatre.
The play is set in post Celtic Tiger Dublin. Ann is hosting a book club meeting at her ‘show house’
home. She is anxious to make a good impression. This meeting is different to previous ones because
husbands are invited to attend. Her own husband is a reluctant participant and has neither interest
nor knowledge in the chosen authors or books. His summaries of stories have been hastily obtained
on Google. We also know of a brother Vincent who is upstairs and will remain there for duration
of meeting. We get the feeling that he would not fit in with the illustrious gathering. There is also a
daughter in Australia who in contact by computer.

When guests arrive Ann has a range of drinks and nibbles. Dorothy a rich widow is first to arrive
and tells Ann that she will not tell her secrets which were told in confidence after previous meeting.
Ann realises that she had too much to drink and has no recollection of the event. Next to arrive are
the obnoxious domineering alpha male Robert and his pushy know all wife Jennifer. Each one has
secrets and Larry most of all is under pressure from Robert because of debts to bank.

In second half Vincent appears and another message from Australia contains allegations of wrong
doing and mayhem ensues. There are accusations of killing daughter’s budgie by Vincent and other
escapades by him resulting in a term in jail. Ann has mislaid a diary in which she writes of an affair
with the banker. She is scared Larry will find it.

The play is very funny and the chaos and mayhem is very well portrayed by the cast. I think we all
enjoyed the show. At the end things were rectified and the ladies decided that the trouble was
caused by allowing men to participate.

The B.A.R.A book club members who were present decided that our meetings are dull and boring
compared to the one portrayed on stage. We need to be spiced up!

All suggestions welcome!

Nancy Ward

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