Our outing to Boura Bog/Tullamore Dew/Kinnitty Castle

Our day trips continue to be the most popular dates on the Social Calendar. Our day trip on Wed.5th July ’17 proved to be yet another enjoyable outing.

We started our journey in Boura Bog and enjoyed a lovely walk under blue skies and brilliant sunshine. We re-visited our youthful days with a stroll through the fairy wood and many made a wish for God only knows what as they sat on the wishing tree.

We continued on then to Tullamore where we had a guided tour of the Distilllery, followed by a delightful taste of their lovely whiskey. Allowing us to bring the glass was a nice momentum.

We finished up the evening with a delightful meal in the Banqueting Hall in Kinnitty Castle.

It was a lovely day out enjoyed by all.

Chris O’Flynn (P.R.O)


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